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MAGA political canine don't hunt (besides in Florida) – Naples Every day Information

Gov. Ron DeSantis visited Fort Walton Beach High School Tuesday to announce an expansion of the Purple Star Schools of Distinction program. The program supports military dependent students as they relocate to new schools when their parents are
transferred to a new base. DeSantis announced that 114 Florida schools were receiving this distinction, including 35 in Okaloosa County.

Mr. DeSantis has received re-election overwhelmingly in Florida. He’s to be congratulated. Nevertheless, the governor, persevering with to look via the keyhole of a 2024 presidential marketing campaign, has declared that his victory reshaped the political panorama. Ought to Mr. DeSantis, Mr. Rubio, et al, open vast the doorways behind which they held their victory celebrations and survey the terrain outdoors Florida, they’d see the political canine they used to hunt votes in Florida didn’t hunt very effectively outdoors the pleasant confines of Mr. DeSantis’ fiefdom.  Outdoors Florida, MAGA didn’t win, election deniers didn’t win, tradition warriors didn’t win, anti-science and anti-fact advocates didn’t win, voter suppression candidates didn’t win, political crudeness didn’t win and the anti-democratic Jan. 6 contributors and supporters didn’t win. 

Mr. Trump, the godfather of MAGA, now finds himself underneath siege by even his former state media arm, Fox “information,” for selecting loyalist loser candidates whom the bigger public holds in disdain. Spoiler alert for Republicans: The whole lot is all the time about Mr. Trump. So, the political panorama (at the very least outdoors Florida) has not a lot modified as lastly woke up to the risks of the MAGA “burn down the home” agenda.

Mr. DeSantis, foreshadowing his propensity to see integrity as dispensable, kissed Mr. Trump’s ring not so way back in making his personal Faustian deal to get himself elected governor of Florida. As a result of his MAGA wolf in sheep’s clothes strategy has been so profitable in Florida, he’s now seen by Mr. Trump and others as a possible rival to Mr. Trump in 2024. Reinforcing the longstanding adage that there isn’t a honor amongst thieves or conniving politicians, Mr. DeSantis now finds himself being given the center finger from the identical hand that held the ring he beforehand kissed and never unexpectedly is being bombarded with accusations of election impropriety and reveal threats by his former mentor. Oddly, Mr. DeSantis has but to show the identical ethical and bodily braveness in responding to Mr. Trump that he mustered in threatening to “toss that elf throughout the Potomac” in referring to the extremely eminent, however diminutive Dr. Fauci.  I don’t suppose we’ll see that braveness on show any time quickly as he’s extra more likely to be a part of the pantheon of Ted Cruz, Mitch McConnell, Marco Rubio and others who’ve tolerated public humiliation from Mr. Trump on the expense of their private dignity in hopes of sustaining their political energy. It’s actually a variation on the biblical adage of “acquire the world and lose your soul.” 

Thomas Minor

What does all of this imply to the voters of Florida going ahead, having gone all in for MAGA and Mr. Trump and persevering with with Mr. DeSantis? Maybe some introspection is lengthy overdue on the altars at which Florida voters select to worship. It’s instructive for all of us to do not forget that the satan, metaphorically talking, all the time comes to gather.

A retired colonel with america Marine Corps, Thomas Minor is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, the U.S.  Military Warfare School and the U.S. Naval Warfare School with a  grasp’s diploma in nationwide safety and strategic research. He spent 30 years as a Marine infantry officer with the final project as head of the Division of Naval Science and teacher of management and ethics on the Virginia Navy Institute. He’s at the moment employed by Common Dynamics as a safety contractor for the Division of Homeland Safety and is a resident of Bonita Springs.

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